Domestic pests are common occurrence in homes and they usually get us by surprise. Despite taking a myriad of measures, it is difficult to achieve a state of complete elimination. Domestic pests require a very high level of targeting and in-depth knowledge of the pest biology, life cycle and overwintering substrates to effectively deal with some of the most obnoxious pests. Moreover, some pests are known to be vectors in transmission of dangerous diseases and cause injuries in our bodies. To free yourself all the worries and concerns, it is important to use services of qualified pest control professionals and have a life free of these pests. A good service for pest control Sydney has will complete elimination of pests with no chance of recurrence for more than six months.

Development of House Pests

Common prevention strategies of house pests include:

  • Ensuring clean and hygienic environments is important because some pests are attracted to foodstuffs and availability of water. Food spills and drinks must be removed off as soon as possible. Food dishes need be regularly cleaned or soaked in water after use. Fruits should be kept in locked areas such as fridge, or in airtight containers. This eliminates the food source of pests and rodents thus discouraging their presence.
  • Closing entry points for pests such as rodents can also effectively keep them at bay. These include sealing crevices, cracks, electrical ducts and even air conditioner vents.
  • Managing the external environment such as regular mowing of grass around the house and removal of bushes near house wall will prevent crawling insects from accessing the house through walls.

Common House Pests

  • Bed bugs-  these are very complicated pests and among the households pests. Their removal is challenging and should be handled by professionals due to their unique survival ability. They are able to hide in hidden places and emerge after treatment has been done.
  • Cockroaches- also very common in households and found in dark and damp places, and will only emerge at night. They feed on a wide range of items including leftover food, paper, leather, toothpaste and difficult to eliminate by yourself.
  • Fleas- also a major household pest and primarily found on pets such as the cat. They feed on blood from other animals and humans and move through jumping.
  • Other house pests include bird lice, wasps, silverfish, rodents, spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, and beetles- professional elimination techniques are important to prevent recurrence of these bugs. ABC Pest control is a professional pest control Sydney company that delivers absolute pest protection with a warranty period.

Techniques of House Hold Pest Management

Preventing occurrence of pests through the mentioned techniques is a great solution; however, you may not completely eliminate the pest. Use of domestic pesticides as a control measure is highly effective in the elimination of bugs. These may be systemic or contact killers administered as sprays or even foggers. The specialist will determine the best technique after understanding the cause and life cycle of the pest.

ABC pest control Sydney has a range of effective packages for pest control and prevention. The company staff can determine the entry points of pests or factors favoring occurrence then deal with the root cause as well as exterminate the pests.