Going on a camping trip is always a fun experience for people of all ages. Especially in a country as big as Australia, going on a road trip and camping is a common occurrence. If you are teaching kids about teamwork and other vital life skills, The Great Aussie Bush Camp is the perfect spot for them to experience the widest range of programmed activities.
Camping is a great way for teachers and students to experience nature on a personal level. It is also a great opportunity for families to strengthen their bonds without spending too much. It is best for kids to have the first-hand experience with Australia’s natural environment. That is why the Great Aussie Bush Camp provides teachers and students with organised activities in a family-friendly setting. It aims to help teachers and students to learn together and make meaningful discoveries about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
Camping with a twist
These days, when you say camping, the first thing that comes to your mind is setting up a tent and spending time outdoors. However, when you and your students visit the Great Aussie Bush Camp, you will experience exciting and engaging activities. This is a perfect spot for team building and to help students to develop and take risks on diverse activities.
This is not just a place where you and your students can gather and have fun together. The facility is complete with attentive staff, including chefs and cleaning staff to help ensure everyone is taken care of. Every activity help foster skills of the individual in both dynamic home and school environment.
Students can sleep in cabins, dorms, or permanent PVC style tents, depending on your needs. Spacious dining halls are also provided to ensure everyone’s comfort during meal time
Learning outside the box
Learning should not only occur within the four walls of their classroom. Experiential learning is ideal for kids to remember what they learn. When kids experience learning instead of reading about them in books, they will retain the information better. That is why they should be given a chance to explore, build rapport with other kids, and encourage them to join activities that deliver quality learning outcomes.
Kids will not only learn teamwork, but they get to pay more attention to detail and help them overcome various obstacles. As a result, they develop persistence and resilience all throughout the duration of the camp.
A camp to remember
If you are looking for a fantastic camp for both teachers and students, then the Great Aussie Bush Camp is a top choice.
With convenient students’ and teachers’ accommodation to use, you will feel more refreshed and relaxed during your stay. You will also receive assistance in making pre-camp plans and drafting tailor-made programmes to suit the needs of your students. Learning should be fun, and what better way for you and the kids to do than camping?