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Explore these 5 hot spots in Bulcock Beach before you relocate

Imagine sleeping to the crashing of the sea waves. After that, you wake up to the scent of the morning sea breeze. That’s exactly how the residents of Pandanus Shores Caloundra live every day.

Located in Bulcock Beach, there’s plenty to love in this small beachfront area. Are you planning to relocate or simply take a vacation in this vicinity? Explore these few hot spots before you relocate to the area.

1. Caloundra Jet Ski

In just 0.3 miles from Pandanus Shores Caloundra, you can make memorable adventures at Caloundra Jet Ski. You don’t even need experience or a license to drive a jet ski!

They offer various trips for all ages—from laidback ones such as their City Explorer to their thrilling rides such as the AdventureX. These trips also include seafood lunches, drinks, and nature hikes at the nearby islands and volcanoes.

2. Leach Park

Enjoy a calm afternoon and bird-watch with your kids. Bask at the view of the Pumicestone Passage and the Caloundra Bar. Want those peaceful experiences? If you’re passing by Esplanade Golden Beach property, you can visit the Leach Park.

You can get off the grid and reflect on your life as you stroll along the clean coastal pathway. And if nature calls you, don’t worry because they have clean public toilets. They also have a coffee mobile, in case you get too sleepy and need a wake-me-up liquid.

3. Caloundra Bigscreen Cinemas

This charming, historic multiplex theatre will please movie geeks. Previously known as the Amusu Theatre, The Bigscreen Cinemas has been standing since the early 1930s. Today, locals and tourists hop in this theatre for the best blockbusters in town.

After you soak in the beaches of Pandanus Shores Caloundra all day, you can drop by Bulcock Street. See a film with your significant other for only $9. You can also book a ticket at their site,

4. Pumicestone Passage

Before relocating to one of the Pumicestone apartments Caloundra has, you have to Kayak at the Pumicestone Passage. It’s a shallow estuary with pristine cerulean waters, which are perfect for jet skis and stand-up paddleboards as well.

And did you know that Pumicestone is one of the most treasured birds and marine habitats in Australia? You’ll spot some turtles, dugongs, dolphins, and prawns in there. So, don’t forget to bring your Go Pro to capture these adorable sea critters.

5. Caloundra Street Fair

You should never miss this festivity! In over a hundred stalls, all the members of the family can bag some good finds. It’s also kid-friendly and pet-friendly, although you have to put your fur babies on a leash.

Meanwhile, if you want a food trip on a Friday night, you can go to the Twilights Markets at Bulcock Beach. Besides mouthwatering local cuisine, you can also buy eccentric, handmade items. It’s open every last Friday of the month, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

In a nutshell

As you can see from the list above, Caloundra is a melting pot of beachfront activities your friends and family will enjoy. And even if you relocate to Bulcock Beach permanently, you’ll never run out of activities and sights to explore.

Are you looking for Grand Pacific Caloundra units for sale?

Let the pros at Henzell’s guide you. They know the area better than the back of their hands. So, if you want someone who can guide you in property hunting, they’re the guys and gals to call.

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Find out if you need roller garage doors for your property

Finding the right garage door for your property is a bigger task than you think. Aside from the style and design, you should also consider its durability and the space available in your garage. Roller garage doors offer several benefits. With their style and durability, they may also be the best option if you have limited garage space.

roller garage doors

Advantages of roller garage doors

Here are some benefits of using roller garage doors.

Saves garage space

A small garage space can be a big problem. Fortunately, the best garage door manufacturers Melbourne has today can recommend some options to help you maximise your space. For example, they may suggest that you choose a roller garage door for your property since it doesn’t take too much space since it only rolls up or down.

Improved safety and security

Roller garage doors are made from strong and durable materials that do not easily fall back. They can also withstand heavy impact.

Insulated doors

Insulated roller doors will not just maintain heat within the garage. It can also help reduce the noise levels coming from outside of the garage. It can also protect you from pests and all types of bad weather conditions.

Roller garage door maintenance tips

Here are some preventive measures garage roller doors Melbourne experts would like you to know about.

  • A scraping or grinding noise, as well as jerking motions, during operation is a sign that there is something wrong with the garage door.
  • Check if the pulleys, cables, and springs are symmetrical.
  • Broken strands and damage to high tension cables are also a sign that your garage door needs repairs as soon as possible.
  • Manually move the door halfway up to check the balance. You can do this by pulling the cord to disconnect the opener. If the door doesn’t stay open, then you need to call in an expert to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Clean the guide tracks using methylated spirits. Do not lubricate or oil the guide tracks.
  • Examine and tighten loose roller brackets and bolts using a socket wrench before lubricating any garage door part.
  • Lubricate the rollers, spring, and hinges every few months or so. Choose a white lithium grease or silicone spray instead of WD-40 for lubricating your roller doors.
  • Before wiping off the debris with a clean cloth, make sure to dislodge any dirt buildup using an old toothbrush for metal rollers with unsealed bearings. Spray just enough silicone oil on the bearings to avoid dripping of oil.
  • Nylon rollers with sealed hinges don’t require lubrication.
  • Wash the door at least once a month with a cloth and clean water.
  • Replace the weather seal on the bottom of the garage door when it becomes brittle, dry, and cracked.
  • Have your garage door serviced at least once every 12 months by a professional to ensure optimal operation.
  • Have a professional replace chipped, worn, or cracked rollers as soon as possible.

Concluding thoughts

Roller garage doors are a great option if you want a sturdy and trendy garage door – even if you have limited garage space. The team of experts at Eco Garage Doors are more than happy to assist you in finding the best garage door for your property.

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How to Choose Great Furniture for Your Café

Café décor and furnishings will contribute as much to its success as the service and experience that is available there. If you will be opening your café in a hurry, finding Cafe Furniture in time and ensuring they are the right designs can be overwhelming. Designers are increasingly coming up with unique and creative pieces in the market. If you are shopping for cafe furniture designs, this can be a little confusing. You will have a hard time picking the right look and feel while at the same time ensuring that the furniture pieces which you are buying are within your budget.

Cafe Furniture

When you are looking for good quality and statement furniture for your café, the first step that you need to undertake is figuring out the look and feel that you plan to bring out. What is the theme of your café? This will play a very important role in determining the eventual furniture pieces that you will purchase. Look for a quality furniture retailer with the right pieces that suit you best. Then decide if the retailer is offering you affordable furniture pieces.

The choice of your cafe furniture will make or break your establishment. Make the wrong choice and you have a place that is not quite as inspiring. On the other hand, beautiful furniture for your café will simply sit into the place. They will create the right ambiance in your establishment that makes the guests want to come again and again.

You must have an eye for the finest details when it comes to the choice of the furniture. Make informed choices on every aspect of the furniture that you plan to purchase. The process of buying the right furniture for your establishment must begin with the planning stage. You can sit down and write up an outline of the feel and style that you wish to bring out through your cafe furniture.

For example, jot down the suitable designs, color schemes, textures, patterns and features that you wish to bring out. What kind of finishing would you want for your café furniture? Would you want uniform color choices or variety? When planning this out, it is important to visualize the kind of dining experience that you wish to create in your café. If you want a café where people can settle and spend a lot of time, it would be advisable to include the armrests, for example. If you are expecting a high volume of guests such as in the fast food outlets, you can bring out numerous smaller chairs so that all customers can sit while waiting for their orders.

Another factor that you must work on when you are planning to buy furniture for your restaurant is the theming. When you are buying your furniture, you want all your components to work cohesively and create a certain ambience. For the retro theme, for example, you can pair red with the black chairs. If you prefer the minimalist look in your furniture store, then you can opt for an all white or all black look. If you prefer to give you restaurant an earthy or natural look, you can choose the ash timber, chocolate colored or rattan cane chairs. The cream or latte colored furniture generally brings out the feminine look in your furniture if you prefer to have that.

It is also important to take your time in choosing the tables. Some of the popular styles which you may consider for your café include the stainless steel tops and the black laminate table tops. The kind of finish that you will adopt will be dependent on your choice of chairs along with the desired theme that you want to achieve.

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Why PLAN when Constructing Your Dream Home

Recently, the Government of Australia has announced its decision to build about 100,000 new homes as a part of its housing affordability measures. The Government of Australia has taken this decision to augment the demand for housing offers like the Aveling Homes. The building of 100,000 new homes is expected to increase the supply of homes by about 41%.

Build your dream home:

In the realm of the construction industry, housing sector occupies the primary position. Every individual has the cherished dream of building a house. Naturally, you leave no stone unturned to bring this dream into reality. You buy the plots from real estate firms and look for reliable builders in Perth WA and start construction of your dream home.

Skinny designs:

On their part, the Aveling Homes place before you varieties of customized home designs to enable you to choose a design depending on your needs and the budget.  Never mind if your house plot is small, there are varieties of skinny designs exclusively for small plots. In fact, some of the plots are as small as 165.13 sq. meters. In that small plot of land, builders have constructed homes with all the facilities being made available so as to provide you a comfortable living.

House plans with varying accommodation:

The Aveling Homes present before you both traditional and contemporary home designs and they are normally classified into houses with varying accommodation option like a single bedroom, two bedrooms and so on. You will also be provided with detailed specifications and an approximate cost of construction for each of the designs.

Duplex and dual occupancy home;

Depending on the floor space available, you may also construct duplex homes. If you have sufficient space in the backyard, you can construct twin houses popularly called as ‘dual occupancy’ homes. Your home builders Perth market has today will assist you in choosing a suitable design.

Elegant interior and exterior:

The designs presented by the builders also highlight the interior decorations for the proposed home. For example, some of the designers may propose Italian style bedroom. Tiled splashback, westington house appliances are all intended to enhance the elegance of the house. In fact, even the roof is presented with exclusive designs, like, for example, log cabin design, craftsman design and so on. All these designs are intended to enhance the functionality as well as the beauty of the interior and exterior of the home. Naturally, this will enhance the value of your building.

Time for the construction of building:

In any construction activity, the time required for construction is one of the issues having bearing on the overall construction cost. The longer the time for construction, the higher will be the overhead cost and this will push up the construction cost. But, some of the builders in Perth undertake to complete the building in as little time as 24 weeks. Naturally, this will help you to save a considerable amount of money on the overall construction cost. Of course, the duration of construction is unique to the building you are planning to construct.

Meticulous planning:

Construction of home is your lifetime achievement and therefore you will have to make meticulous planning of every aspect of building the home.

Check more info below:

Business Name: Aveling Homes
Name: Aveling Homes
Address: 42 Cedric St, Perth WA 6021
Contact Name: Sales
Phone: 6144 1000
Tagline: Build with anyone else and you could pay too much
Trading Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
Trading Days: monday to friday

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Furniture Arrangement Tips for a Comfortable, Stylish Home

Like most creative decisions, arranging various pieces of furniture can be tricky. After all, your home would look and feel more welcoming if your rooms aren’t only stylish, but also spacious or has the illusion of being one. If you have recently acquired new furnishing items for your abode, such as furniture packages Perth offers, here are a few tricks you can use to ensure a comfortable design:

furniture packages perth

  • Prioritise function

Think of the activities you and your family will usually do in the room you want to furnish. By identifying the primary use of the room, you will be able to have a focal point for your furniture. For example, if you are buying living room furniture package deals in Perth, are they intended to accommodate TV watching or gaming, or for a quiet place for conversation? Choose furniture items based on purpose. Centre the furnishings around the main function so that it will be easier for you and your loved ones to enjoy your favorite activities. Consider the distance between the furnishings, foot traffic, and how the layout can contribute to the purpose. Doing so will make it easier to integrate furniture packages Perth has.

  • Control the mood with colours and symmetry

Are you going for serene, invigorating, or laidback? Colours play a huge part in setting the right atmosphere, not only due to the visual impact they make but also because they have the ability to dramatically influence emotions. For example, red can be stimulating and can be a colour of choice for rooms with high activity, but it can be a poor option for bedrooms as it affects sleep. When you are shopping for furniture package deals in Perth, select furnishings with the colour palette that connects with their use and the emotions associated with them. Arrange them in a way that makes the colours flow smoothly, with a touch of contrast.

When choosing furniture packages Perth offers, you should also consider the symmetry of every piece. Symmetrical ones create a formal look, while the opposite speaks casual. Which style are you aiming for?

  • Create harmony by mixing various sizes of furniture

The dimensions of your furniture don’t only add visual interest; they make the difference between neat and cluttered, and cluttered rooms look smaller than they are. Pay close attention to the height, width, and depth of the furnishings so you can group them accordingly for a harmonious arrangement. If you want to create a wow factor, incorporate objects of various sizes. On the other hand, if you need a relaxing vibe, go for similarly sized ones.

  • Choose furnishing bundles

The easiest way to achieve the design and feel you are aiming for is to check out furniture packages for apartments in Perth that are provided in bundles. This makes it easier to arrange because they typically contain items that already complement each other in style and scale. Furniture Fitouts can provide you such packages, whether partial or otherwise. Talk to them or send photos of the room you want to furnish.

Indeed, furniture arrangement requires careful planning and decision making. In the end, positioning your furniture right is worth the effort as it can boost the aesthetic qualities of your house, and, more importantly, it can definitely make your home a place and pleasure to live in.

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Home Purchasing 101: Practical Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Looking into buying your first house soon? Congratulations! Buying your first home is exciting but bear in mind that it entails a lot of hard work too. It’s not as easy as purchasing a car, furniture or gadget. You have to put in a lot of effort to ensure that you’re making the right purchase decisions. Good thing there are many real estate companies in Australia that are currently offering competitive house and land packages for first home buyers. Here are some practical tips you may want to follow in buying your first home:

House and land packages for first home buyers

1. Check your finances

Take a look at the current state of your finances and check your credit rating. This will help you determine if you’re able to afford the real estate property you’re planning to buy. Make sure you have enough money and you have secured income sources before you buy any property.

2. Consult with a certified real estate broker or agent

Ask for referrals for real estate brokers or agents from people that you trust or research online for some options. Brokers or agents can help you start your house hunting project. They can give you a list of the possible properties to look into. These experts can also give recommendations on options for house and land packages for first home buyers. They may even accompany you in doing ocular inspections or visits of some property development areas.

3. Narrow down your choices and select the most ideal option available

After you have done ocular visits of some real estate properties, list the top five to ten options you have and study each of them carefully. Given your budget and other personal considerations, pick the best choice you have. You may opt to buy a land or lot only and have a new home builder construct your house for you, or go for the best house and land packages for first home buyers that are currently being offered.

4. Check for possible offer negotiations before you strike the deal

See if you can negotiate the initial offer given to you or ask for current promos that they may have. You may be given a discount in your down payment fees, offered a flexible payment deal, and others.

5. Apply for a home loan

Once you’re decided with your purchase, secure the documents you’ll need for applying a home loan and apply one for yourself right away. It pays to file or submit your application as soon as possible because banks and other credit agencies would still need to do some background check on your financial status and paying capability before they approve your loan.

6. Look for reputable house builders to help you build your house

If you opted to buy a lot only, you need to look for some of the best home builders available in your area. They can help you execute your house building plans.

In buying or building your first house you need to commit to the crucial task of doing relevant research so you can be sure that you’re going for the best option. For choices on home building south west Sydney area can offer, go online and see the lists available.

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