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Useful tips you can use when looking for a student residence in Australia

If you’re planning to study in Australia, there a lot of things you need to consider. Aside from deciding which school to go to, you should also look for a place to stay. There are a lot of accommodation options for international students in Australia, from homestays and on-campus apartments to private rentals. Finding the right accommodation can help smoothen your transition into this new country. So, you should look for student accommodation Australia residents can recommend.

student accommodation australia

Here are some useful tips you can to help you find the best Griffith accommodation for international students.

Find a provider that suits your budget and lifestyle

It’d be nice to stay in the most luxurious and expensive student accommodation Australia has to offer. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to do so. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry. There are lots of options available to you. Some of these include homestays, rental properties, on-campus housing, purpose-built student accommodation (PSBA), residential colleges, hostels, and serviced apartments. It’s up to you to choose which type of property you’d like to live in.

Get informed and manage your expectations

If you’ve never been to Australia, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with how things work there. This includes when to check-in, when to pay rent, what fees you need to pay, and what documents need to be signed. Although the services you will be receiving there come with rights, they also come with responsibilities on a legal and cultural standpoint. That’s why you need to learn about all possible rental issues before signing on the dotted line. You need to know all of these to help you manage your expectations.

Consider how long you will be staying

You will find many providers offering international students Brisbane accommodation. However, not all of them have the same terms and conditions. So, you need to think about the length of your initial stay. Some student accommodations require students to sign a long-term lease. However, if you’re still a little hesitant to commit to one, others allow an initial stay of eight weeks. This will give you enough time to assess if you’d like to stay longer or find another place that is more to your liking.

Learn how to identify and protect yourself from scams and illegal providers

As a general rule of thumb, avoid crowded areas when looking for a place to stay in. You won’t find the best student accommodation Australia has today there. In fact, you’re just risking your well-being and safety by living in such a place.

You should also avoid using random, generic portals to book a room while still overseas. Such portals are only useful when you’re already in Australia, as you can personally inspect the places out before paying for anything. Australia may be one of the safest countries on the planet. However, it still has its fair share of scammers and unscrupulous people who will take advantage of you. So, you should always exercise caution when dealing with student accommodation providers.

If you’re looking for the best Brisbane university share accommodation, then look no further than Student One. They have everything you’ll ever need in a student accommodation, from accessible location, comfortable rooms, excellent facilities, and unlimited high-speed internet to better services and safety measures.

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Create the Hampton style in your home in Gold Coast today

Do you want an ocean-themed home in the countryside, overlooking the Gold Coast? Do you want a property on a waterfront? Or, do you have an existing property you want to remodel into one of the growing numbers of Hampton style homes Australia has these days?

You’ve come to the right page! Hampton style is constantly part of homeowners top choice because of its popularity. There is just something about its clean aesthetics that captures the hearts of people worldwide, Aussies included.

What makes Hamptons style unique in Australia

Considered as the holiday haven of rich and famous individuals, the Hamptons style is derived from a seaside community on Long Island called The Hamptons. It is portrayed by beaches and small villages, enormous houses, and New York Elites throwing garden parties showing off their good life.

In Australia, Hamptons style is characterised by large windows to bring the outside in, shaker-style cabinetry, classic furnishings for an elegant finish, and timber floors for added aesthetics.

Aussies even gave the Hamptons style its own name: Aussie Glamptons. It has become a blend of traditional American North East Coast style. Their style is also influenced by the traditional cladded country homes that also have the same qualities as the Hamptons style homes.

At first glance, you may think that this is the style meant only for the rich and famous. But with the right house builders Gold Coast has today, you can transform your home into a Hamptons style haven in no time.

Create the Hamptons style in your home

It can be tempting to go with an all-white interior similar to homes you see on Pinterest. However, white is not the only colour you should choose when recreating the Hampton style homes Australia builders offer. You don’t need to splurge too much either as long as you stick to a single colour palette throughout your home.

Below are ideas to help you out:

1. Draw inspiration from the colours of nature

You don’t want your home to look like it is not lived. Choose colours that add a bit of tints like neutrals, bleached timber tones, tinted tones, and sandy creams. You can choose from aqua, navy, and duck egg blue tones. The key takeaway is to have calming and soothing colours for your interior to help you achieve that tranquil and relaxed vibe.

2. Think about adding coral and mineral tones

Warm corals work best with teal and charcoal, giving the area a floral fee. It is not only soothing, but also is feminine, and complements the neutral colour palette. Coral and mineral hues add colour and life to the overall palette of Hampton style homes Australia has these days. They give off a warm and nurturing shade and helps uplift your mood.

3. Avoid overly shiny things

When designing the kitchen of your Hamptons home, steer clear from overly shiny things. Go for lantern style pendant light suspended above the island counter for a timeless look. You should also use wall panelling, such as coastal style weatherboards or shiplap. Having a big bay window with a seat is a great conversation starter.

4. Go practical in the bathroom

The bathroom is not spared from all the decorating fiasco. Make sure it is well-lit and the tapware is chrome or nickel-plated. A traditional style is what gives life to the whole bathroom design. It would be best to go for bespoke vanities and cabinets for added storage space. You can tap the services of new construction home builders to help you create functional bespoke pieces for your bathroom.

While the original Hamptons style goes for upholstered furniture, the Aussie version ditched that for a more relaxed wicker and cane styles paired with comfortable sofas. This is how Aussies inject their signature laid-back style that you can see as part of their way of life.

Whether you want to build a home in the countryside, in the heart of the city, or near the beach, there are no restrictions as to the theme you want to adopt. With the right Gold Coast builders, you can accomplish any theme that suits your tastes.

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